Hypnobirthing® was something I did not know a lot about but was very interested in. 

With the help of Donna I learnt relaxation techniques and different types of breathing to use throughout my labour. The techniques I learnt helped a lot, and I used them throughout the labour. During the early stages the breathing really helped keep me relaxed. 

Being first time parents Donna made the thought of labour so much less daunting.  She taught us so much about HypnoBirthing® and how it could help us and made both myself and my husband feel more relaxed going into 
the unknown.

I would highly recommend Donna as she was truly amazing

Amy,  Thames

When I first went to Donna I had no expectations. I didn’t know whether the hypnotherapy was going to help. However, I went into it with an open and positive mind. Now looking back it was something I have never quite experience before. It amazed me how much being hypnotised personally worked for me.

I am a rower and both my doubles partner, Bailey and I came and saw Donna before our nationals event. We saw Donna together three times leading up to it and each time I came away being able to see the end goal even clearer. We were trying to find techniques to help us with our nerves and ways to try stay relaxed before a race. Also how to get into the right mindset without anything disturbing us or letting anything get to us.

Donna gave the both of us little exercises to do leading up to our race that we would do together. These helped me so much. It got me focusing on something slightly different while still being in the zone and focused on the race ahead. Donna gave us both a 10 minute recording that she emailed us to do in our own time which we were able to do the week leading up to our races and the day of our final. We would lay down together and listen to the recording. We both felt the pressure taken off us a little bit and it was really good seeing the goal we both want to achieve clearly one last time. Being able to see it clearly made it stick with us right until we crossed the line where we achieved what we were aiming for.

Donna is so lovely. She communicates well and is fully interested in how you’re going along the way. While we were away at nationals she checked in to see how our races were going and wished us both best of luck. She watched our A final as well which I thought was very special.

Thank you Donna for all your help!

Caitlin Doddrell

In October 2017 I meet with Donna Wells to help me as I was ready to quit my bad habit once and for all. We had one session and we went over triggers, habits and changing mind-set and other strategies and tools before doing our hypnosis session to becoming a non-smoker and remaining a non-smoker for the rest of my life. It was still hard for the first few weeks with cravings but Donna had given me all the tools I needed to overcome them.

I  have had a few times in the last 19 months that have been very stressful and I have successfully overcome those too without turning to cigarettes. Donna is a lovely, caring, warm and amazing person who has helped me stop smoking.

I highly recommend Donna Wells services (Rightime Hypnotherapy)

Brenda Malloy – Thames

Thank you so much Donna. You have changed my life with hypnotherapy. I thought I’d be dealing with my anxieties forever. Fear of flying, fear of driving.

After a few sessions with you, not only have I noticed how anxious thoughts have dissipated so have my friends and family.

You have been able to make me believe in myself again. forever grateful for everything you have done. 


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