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Frequently Asked Questions

Going to a Life Coach or Hypnotherapist can be a nervous time; after all, you are wanting to change something that has been with you for a while.

Here are some questions I often get asked, to help you put your mind at ease.

What is it like to be hypnotised?

Have you ever drifted off into a day dream?  Have you ever been so involved in a piece of music or a movie that time just stands still, and you are not aware of much around you?  This is what it is like to be hypnotised.

You will be in a lovely relaxed state, having an awareness of my voice in the room.  You might only remember snippets of what I say but that is okay because your unconscious mind has taken in every word.

I don’t like not being in control

Ahhh, but you are in control.  Hypnosis doesn’t work on anyone who doesn’t want to be hypnotised. Even under hypnosis your unconscious mind will only accept suggestions that are in line with your own values and beliefs.

Can you hypnotise children?

Children are great to hypnotise because their conscious mind is still being developed.  Children have good imaginations to help embed those positive suggestions further.

Hypnosis can help children with anxiety, bet wetting, nail biting to name a few conditions.

Feel free to phone me to arrange a half hour free consultation.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on what you are wanting to change.  People change at their own choice of pace.  And of course, daily practice and completing the simple tasks in between sessions as we agree to will endorse a speedier result. 

It is absolutely my intention to help you as quickly as possible.  

We can work that out when you make contact with me or at the first visit.

Does hypnosis work for everyone?

It is important to note that every person is their own unique individual results cannot be guaranteed.  

We will certainly have a good discussion on the principles behind hypnosis and how it can help you.

Can I hypnotise myself?

Certainly! In fact, I will help you to learn to do so that it becomes a natural part of your life.

Call Donna on 021 0782 980

E-mail: donna@rightime.co.nz

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